About Us


Council and Membership Meetings

Cuore d’Italia, the local Lodge, have general members and Officers. The elected Officers form our Council. The Council is the administrative and controlling body of our Lodge.

The Council meets the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. All members are welcome to attend these meetings. You may listen to the proceedings, but not speak out, unless asked to participate. It is at Council meetings that all new business, entertainment, social events, By-Law changes and any other functions being planned is discussed. It is at this meeting that the agenda for the next general meeting is formulated and approved by the Council. To keep informed of Lodge activities and business, it is every member’s best interest to attend Council meetings. Since we do not have a permanent Lodge location we always meet at the Jupiter Firehouse in Burt Reynolds Park, Jupiter.

The members of Cuore d’Italia come together on the first Wednesday of each month for our General Meeting in which the Council presides over the meeting. Currently, the meeting is conducted in accordance with Grand Lodge By-Laws and Roberts Rule of Order. Our By-Laws are in place and they govern our Lodge meetings and business activities of the Lodge. All members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings. Any member can speak during the portion of the meeting called ‘Welfare of the Order”. At that time you address the Chair (President) and ask to be allowed to be heard. When recognized, you may speak on any subject pertaining to Lodge business. Coffee and cake is served after the meeting.

Social Dinners and Functions

Social Dinners are usually scheduled during each month, depending on special events that may come up. These dinner parties are held at various, select restaurants in our area. The purpose being to allow new members to meet their Brothers and Sisters, and generally for all members to socialize with each other. Our Newsletter will usually advise the membership of each month’s restaurant, or event, and all specifics pertaining to a dinner or event.
Social Functions include dinner dances, picnics, gambling and entertainment cruises, boat rides, holiday parties, theater entertainment, quarterly State Meetings/Conventions and similar activities as suggested by the membership.

Scholarship Awards

Scholarship awards are given to local high school students, of Italian heritage, who qualify every year. The lodge has a special committee who is dedicated to scout for qualified students that may be recipients of the scholarships. They must meet the requirements for our scholarships and compose a 500 word essay stating their need.

Fund Raising

Portions of the proceeds from all social functions and other profit making activities will be designed to specific charities. This is accordance with our charter as a fraternal, not for profit organization. Currently, we give out the student scholarships in June and to a Wounded Veteran and family at Christmas in December. We also give donations, through the Grand Lodge, for various charities as listed in our history portion.


Special committees are formed as needed to accomplish our goals. Members are asked to participate where they can, and to the degree that they can. It is these committees that plan, and execute, the social and business workings of Cuore d’Italia.


Each member will be mailed a copy of our monthly Newsletter. The Newsletter will advise you of the time and place, of all activities mentioned above, and hopefully keep you entertained with articles. Advertisements in our Newsletter are solicited from members and their associates to help defray costs. A rate sheet is available through the Director of Advertising.


Membership dues becomes payable by the full year, the cost is $60.00 per member. There will be a courtesy letter of notification sent out, to remind any member who maybe delinquent. However, if after these attempts a member still hasn’t paid his or her dues between January 1st and or March 31st, of that designated year, they will become delinquent and the Lodge will be forced to drop said member from its rolls.