From the very beginning, the Cuore d’Italia Lodge has always been a very generous and caring lodge.

We’ve donated gifts to veterans in the VA Hospital in Riviera Beach at Christmas time. We have also supported the Renewal Coalition in Jupiter with generous donations and gifts. The Renewal Coalition transports veterans and their families to vacation for a week in sunny Florida. They have BBQs, go deep sea fishing, enjoy the beach, and get to spend time with their family.

Cuore d’ Italia reaches out to local schools in our community to present $1,000 scholarship awards to deserving, hardworking students of Italian descent.



Wounded Veterans Relief Assistance
wounded warriorThe last five years, we have honored a Wounded Veteran and his family at our Christmas meeting in December. We donate a check, a Publix gift card, and gifts to the Wounded Veteran, his wife, and children. This makes a very special Christmas for them and our lodge. In the past, we have had foster families at the Christmas meeting. They were also given monetary gifts, clothing and toys. The looks of gratitude made our Christmas very special, too.


At the Quarterly Meeting, we donate to the charities that the Sons & Daughters of Italy supports- Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cooley’s Anemia, and Cancer. In addition, we have donated to different crises- hurricanes, volcano eruptions, and the rebuilding of the Tower destroyed on 9/11/2001.