Wounded Veterans Relief Assistance


Each year at the December members’ meeting we honor a Wounded Veteran and his family. We diligently search for veterans in need, helping them to get back on their feet. It is our desire every year to provide for a Wounded Veteran and his or her family in this one-on-one relationship.

The families, especially the children, enjoy many of the Christmas gifts.  wounded warriorThis can be seen on their happy, sometimes tearful, faces. They are so appreciative of our generosity.  It is our reward to see how each year our efforts make these veterans and their families enjoy the Christmas holidays. We hope, too, we can even make their lives a little easier. “As Americans” we wish all veterans and their families all the blessings possible during the Christmas Holidays.  They have sacrificed for our well-being, and these efforts are among the least we can provide.

As a nonprofit organization we honor the wounded veteran and their family with refreshments, food, Christmas presents for the children, donations such as TV’s, household goods, gift cards and money. Sometimes we assist them by providing them with information on veterans support agencies, who are supposed to be helping them. Most of our veterans who return from the war zone have no clue that those agencies are out there to help them, no one having told them.

Sometimes we help them with their transportation (to receive medical attention) to and from the VA medical center; we also provide them with information on agencies who help them with automobile donations, the obtaining of a vehicle license, assistance with mortgages, electric bills, automobile insurance, obtaining a rental house and everything or anything they might have problems with. We have directed them to the agencies that were supposed to inform them and help them in the beginning of their transition back to civilian life.

wounded warrior 2In past years we have donated to the Renewal Coalition, whose mission is to assist members and their families in their transition from military to civilian life or back to active duty. They offer a retreat experience at a Florida residence with the intent of providing these families a time to reunite and bond in a relaxed, stress-free and welcoming environment.

We would like to show all our appreciation to the Director, Mrs. Mary Hinten,  for providing the most needed help and assistance to our great Veterans of America. For any of the details that this great organization provides feel free to contact us and we will be happy to further assist.